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Germaine de Capuccini


Talking about Germaine de Capuccini we should mention the founder of the company - Carmen Vidal, her special personality and unprecedented persistence.

Carmen Vidal was born in Algeria in a Spanish family. It is there were she saw Arab women who used especially prepared powdered stones and ointments to dye their hair and color their nails. These natural cosmetics were made of roots of various plants and herbs. Her interest in cosmetics led her to university in Paris where she completed her knowledge in the fields of esthetics and cosmetics.

In 1964 Carmen in her apartment in Alcoy opened a small beauty cabinet and her first laboratory, Cosmetics produced by her achieved such success that soon she became an owner of cosmetics factory. This is how Germaine de Capuccini was born.

Philosophy of Germaine de Capuccini

Exquisite, revolutionary, innovative and effective. This is how the products, treatments and professional programs offered by the world of Germaine de Capuccini can be described.

It is a result of research and work of over 200 specialists for more than 3 decades on caring and grooming the beauty of the skin.

To guarantee the highest quality and utility of its products Germaine de Capuccini conduct continual research and work to discover balance between beauty & well being (health).

Both during the production process and afterwards the Germaine de Capuccini products undergo various efficiency tests and conducted under the scrutiny of doctors and cosmetologists guaranteeing safety and effects in the highest quality products.

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