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Slimming Therapy


Slimming Therapy

Exceptionally Effective, Healthy, Nice to use Slimming Therapy - "A DIET Z" ANDRÉ ZAGOZDA

Therapy in the Basic form consists of:

  • organism detox
  • everyday, intensive detoxifying algae baths
  • simple in use balanced diet and diet supplement
  • the usage of specialized cosmoceutics

Therapy in Full form consists of:

  • basic therapy
  • specialized slimming treatments with algae wraps and massages


  • eliminates toxins, excess of water and concrements
  • accelerates metabolism
  • accelerates the process of fat decomposition and fat tissue reduction
  • intensive stimulation of regenerating and rejuvenating processes in skin
  • reduction of cellulite signs
  • substantial energy boost and improved well-being

Therapy can be used in full form (with SPA treatments) or basic form (without SPA treatments).

Therapy Efficiency*:

  • 21-day Full therapy in standard version: (6-10 kg)
  • 8-day Full therapy in intensive version for SPA (6-10 kg)
  • 21-day Full therapy, in intensive version for SPA with AZ DIET (cocktails, ampoules, algae capsules), 2 algae baths a day, 1 treatment with algae wrap and massages (12-18 kg)
  • 30-day Basic therapy (5-7 kg)


  • AZ DETOX 24H – 46 PLN
  • ALGAE BATH - (Sea water reconstructor) – 152 PLN
  • AZ DIET COCTAIL – Koktajl AZ Diet – balanced formula – 166 PLN
  • ROCK SAMPHIRE SILHOUETTE CREAM – anty-cellulite cream- 195 PLN
  • IVY SILHOUETTE CREAM – Slimming cream – 195 PLN

SPA Treatments:

  • Vivifying – reminalising and skin firming body treatment - 230 PLN
  • Algae Bath – Slimming Treatment - 95 PLN

*) All information presented according to scheme and information presented by lab-az, more info www.lab-az.pl

230 PLN
Slimming therapy
95 PLN
Algae Bath - Slimming Therapy

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